Salesforce App Lab


Empowering your financial insights with daily-loaded Investment Fund Data in Salesforce’s Security Master object. Stay informed, make confident decisions, and maximize your financial potential.

PSTOX Wealth

Experience enhanced financial data management with PSTOX Wealth. Bridging Salesforce and Croesus, we offer near real-time data access, reducing complexity and boosting your workflow efficiency.”

PSTOX Wealth Performance

Harness the power of Croesus for real-time, multi-level portfolio performance analysis with PSTOX Wealth Performance. Utilize Croesus’ advanced calculation methods to gain precise insights and transform your investment strategy.

Exchange Rate Automatic Updater

Automate Currency Data in Salesforce: Effortlessly Update Exchange Rates and Stay In Sync with Global Markets. Simplify Currency Management with our Salesforce AppExchange Solution by PSTOX Lab.