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Sales Cloud covers the entire sales from finding leads and helps you close deals faster. Increasing your sales team’s productivity will allow your team more time to focus on important sales activities. Customizing Sales Cloud to your business sales cycle is where Pstox gets into the equation. We plan with you the road map for a solution tailored to the specific needs of your business. Our expert team will design, build and test your solution. After all, every great evolutive system comes with proper documentation, and this is part of our standard deliveries. What is the outcome of this process? Simple, a Sales Cloud that follows your very special sale process, where you can manage your teams by territories, see your forecast reports every morning as you log in, leverage the power of AI to identify the best lead to follow up with.

Sales Process Setup / Pipeline Visibility

Plan and use the right strategy by using a global view of your sales pipeline. Put the bulk of the effort where it counts most, get more closed deals from your pipeline.

Campaign and Leads

Convert your prospects to a pipeline of leads. Use the power of AI to better qualify your leads. Create marketing campaigns to turn your leads into deals.

Manage Contacts and Accounts

Track the people and companies you do business with. Get access to the information you deem important. Collaborate on accounts.

Custom Dashboards & Reports

Get access to the important metrics of your success right when you log into Salesforce in the morning. Keep up to date with trends of your business’ KPI.

Data Migration

Your business data has tremendous value, no worries, we can migrate it from your existing systems into Salesforce.

Custom Contracts Generation

Generate, at the touch of a button, custom pdf contracts or offers using your Salesforce data.

Manage a Sales Team and Territory Management

You can define rules for lead assignments to your sales personnel, such as assignment per territory, etc.

Sales Cloud Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Leverage the power of AI in your sales process by using Einstein, the AI engine built by Salesforce for Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration

Maximize the data and functionality of other systems into salesforce with a robust integration solution. Expose a certain functionality or dataset from Salesforce, our dev team can develop state of the art API’s.

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